Pre-paid funerals
Pre-pay and pre-arrange your funeral so that when death occurs your wishes have already been made.
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repatriation & burial overseas
If death occurs outside of your homeland, you can have your body brought back home.
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funeral customs from other countries
Many ethnic groups have burial customs that are an essential element of that culture.
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Embalming prepares the body for viewing, transportation or for above - ground burial.
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pre-paid funerals

At Darrin Burns Family Funerals it is possible to pre-pay and pre-arrange your funeral so that when death occurs your desires about the funeral have already been made. For many family members, this is a source of great comfort.

Pre-Paying, your funeral with the assistance of the professional staff of Darrin Burns Family Funerals is a simple and sensible thing to do - just like making a will. People appreciate the benefits and protection from pre-paying, safe in the knowledge that their wishes will be carried out exactly.

Pre–paying means the agreed cost of the funeral service is fixed forever at today’s prices. The monies paid are managed by an independent Trustee responsible for ensuring that the funeral service is provided and the funeral director is paid. The Funeral Director cannot receive payment until the agreed service is carried out.

For a pre-paid funeral to be made, it is necessary for the person(s) concerned to discuss the matter with our staff who, will note all the requirements and file these for safe keeping. A legal contract for the pre-paid funeral is also provided.

The details of the funeral plans will be discussed at the time of making the arrangements. The monies paid into an authorized pre-arrangement plan are not subject to the income or assets test or the deemed earning rule (according to legislation current at the time of preparation of this site). Darrin Burns Family Funerals are here to assist you.

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