funeral costs

Essentially there are 3 main costs associated with a funeral. They are:


The cost of the casket

Darrin Burns Family Funerals offers a wide range of coffins and caskets to choose from. They vary in price.


Disbursements refer to any payments made by the Funeral Director on behalf of the family. These payments can only be made with the consent of the person arranging the funeral.

These usually refer to such items as floral tributes, church fees, newspaper notices, cremation certificates, cremation fees, Death Certificate, clergy and other such sundry items.

Funeral Directors Charges

These charges cover the costs of services provided by the Funeral Director and relate to such items as transfer of the deceased from the place of death, the use of the facilities of the funeral home, transport to the place where the funeral is to be held, liaising with the clergy or celebrant, costs related to the cemetery or crematorium, costs associated with newspaper notices, florist, and the fulfilling of all legal requirements, time spent in consulting with relatives, friends or persons arranging the funeral and the provision of trained staff.

An estimate of total cost will be made available at the time of your interview with the Funeral Director. When the arrangements for the funeral have been finalized the total estimate for the funeral will be made known.

It is usual to obtain a deposit to cover the immediate costs incurred by the Funeral Director in making all the appropriate arrangements for the funeral.

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